Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Diebold Accidently Leaks Results of 2008 Election Early

Diebold Accidentally Leaks Results Of 2008 Election Early

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Suppose You Want Pictures Now, Huh? (See Below)

Near the end of a 100-mile bike ride to the Wyoming state border and back Saturday, Howard and Deadhead were waiting at an intersection when a Jeep drove by and someone yelled something.

"What'd they say?" Howard asked.

"I believe it was 'Nice Ass'..
. and it was a dude!" Deadhead replied.

Howard was speechless, so Deadhead said, "I think you should blog about it,"
referring to a previous similar 'verbal assault' that Howard blogged about.

"Yeah, I will blog about it," Howard answered, "but only because I think he was talking about YOUR ass!"

"Hmmm, you may be right since my ass is nicer than yours."

"In your dreams." Howard said.

Calm down. There will be no pictures. There will be no Ass-Off.

Update: After unrelenting pressure from The Fans, there will indeed be an Ass-Off. In the photo below, Howard, Deadhead, and all the other Northern Hypoxians are displaying their finest assets -- the ability to spell in the service of conservation. To settle this once and for all, go to comments and vote for your favorite Hypoxian (by letter or article). Just remember: If you don't vote, the terrorists win.

Select Your Next Vehicle Based on GM's Commitment

DETROIT, Feb 22 (Reuters) - General Motors Corp Vice Chairman Bob Lutz has defended remarks he made dismissing global warming as a "total crock of shit," saying his views had no bearing on GM's commitment to build environmentally friendly vehicles...

Saturday, February 09, 2008

An Architect's Painful Memory

We once had a dog for about a week, an adult dog, gave him a great dog name -- "Dante" -- got him the requisite shots and tags, and started to get to know him. But it became quite obvious that we wouldn't be able to keep him. Just as BalticTiger left to return Dante, she handed me the dog's leash and tags, and asked me to store them away someplace where she wouldn't find them before a fair amount of time had passed. You see, she was crying when she said this, and didn't want to be reminded of the dog for a while afterwards.

I tell you that... to tell you this:

This morning, BalticTiger was going through boxes of stuff we'd forgotten we had, because she was going to donate it to the local charity. Over the years, she's said again and again that if we really needed something in storage, we would have hunted it down among all the boxes. That we didn't after a couple years had passed, meant that we could do without.

Walking through our garage, which was being used this morning by BalticTiger as sort-through-the-valuable-junk headquarters, she held up a drawing and asked me, "do you want to keep this?"

It was a drawing of an exterior elevation of a gorgeous house I designed nearly three years ago. I hadn't given much thought to the house since then, as the memories were still too painful.
You see, the house, as displayed on this stunning drawing, was never built. For a few seconds, I was looking at it through fresh eyes, and during that first glance didn't immediately recognize it as my own. Oh! My! God! was this drawing beautiful! Then like a dagger through my heart, I recognized it as The Best Thing I Ever Designed That Never Got Built.

So I present to you, The Drawing...

You can click on the drawing to see it much larger. It may not all make sense to you, but to me it's SO GOOD it hurts to look at.

Update: By popular demand (by my buddy, Slow_Moe, who's the most popular guy I know and also pretty demanding), I'll post the other exterior elevations and the first floor plan. Enjoy, you bastard!

First Floor Plan

Northeast Elevation

Southeast Elevation

Northwest Elevation

Monday, February 04, 2008

A Little Climatic Whiplash

After our piece of Colorado received about five inches of fresh powdery snow today (Monday), I went on a 13-mile Ice Bike ride, had a blast, and took some video... with images that turned out surprisingly similar to video taken last week. After letting it ferment in my brain for an hour or two, I decided to make a music video. Turn up the volume and enjoy...