Thursday, June 14, 2007


Bicycling has brought Howard many things -- health, fitness, the thrill of flying, new wonderful friends, fun with my best girl, and really cool vacations.

But now we can add something new: Amazing compliments.

Today, while finishing up a 22-mile zoomfest, Howard was flying down Swallow Road, a very flat, quiet, and well-endowed avenue of girth and width. He was really hammering, going 25 mph, when he heard a car coming up very slowly behind him. As it passed, a teenaged girl stuck her head out the passenger window and said, with a tone of true sincerity, "Nice ass." Then she smiled. Howard was speechless and could only smile back.

But wait! -- while this could certainly be the end of the story, since a tale like this needs no further plot development, there IS more to tell.

You see, there was a red light about 300 yards ahead of the two of them -- three, actually, counting the driver of the car, another teenaged girl. And Howard was rapidly catching up to them! But, don't fret for Howard's lusty soul, for he was due to turn right at this same intersection. Which is what he did... but not before passing the car and glancing at the occupants within.

The girl with the bold mouth was slumping down loooow in her seat, staring straight ahead, and the driver was looking over at both of us while laughing at her embarrassed friend.

Okay, so she had the guts to say what she said, but didn't have the nerve to face Howard 60 seconds later. Can't blame her. What could she say?

Howard, a 47-year-old happily-married father of three, shared A Moment with a teenaged girl -- one that both of them won't soon forget! Score!

I can't wait for my two older sons to read this... Hi guys, it's me, your old man! :-)


Blogger John said...

ok... I read this the other day and swore I'd let it go. I'm actually going to be good to my word on this and use this space to post the following....

I hope that the fact that you're on Ride the Rockies does not interfere with your posting to your blog.

Have a good trip Howardman...

5:57 PM, June 16, 2007  
Blogger HRlaughed said...

Thanks John, and I understand your hesitation to comment.

As for the trip, it was great. And though I didn't post to the blog while I was gone, I wrote down the highlights/lowlights of each day's events before going to sleep each night.

Now that I'm home and I have so much material to work with, I don't know where to start!

11:39 PM, June 23, 2007  

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