Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Journey of a Thousand Miles...

I dare you to look closely at this chart from a blog at National Geographic Magazine and NOT get just the teensiest bit angry...

Hahaha! Okay, You're not supposed to get angry at me as I'm not making a joke about how tiny it is. Of course, you'll need to click on it so you can actually SEE it...

Here's what it shows: Citizens of United States and Mexico are the only people of the countries shown here without universal health care. And yet Americans pay so much more for fewer than 4 doctor visits per year on average that we're completely OFF the chart. And for what?

Bad outcomes.

The current health care reform that just passed the U.S. Senate is one step. But it'll come nowhere close to closing the gaps dramatically illustrated in the chart. We have to start somewhere, though, I suppose.


Anonymous Slow said...

You are right Howard, this chart did piss me off ... at first.
Then I realized that the deck was probably stacked to drive home the point that the health care system in the good ol' USA is the "worst in the world". By comparison ours looks worse than all the other countries listed here. Then I also noted that there are plenty of countries missing from the list, notably our two biggest competitors in the 21st century. We may be worse than them too - i don't know, but the days of comparing the USA with other progressive western European nations, Japan, Canada & Australia are long gone. In the 2000's, for better or worse, we must see how we stack up against China and India.
And that's what REALLY pisses me off.

7:15 AM, December 30, 2009  
Blogger Howard said...

You're right, as usual, Slow. But also, for no good reason I can think of other than that the data does not exist, Germany is also missing. WTF?

2:24 PM, December 30, 2009  

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