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Desiderata For the 21st Century

Here is a MUST READ: The strangest, most compelling, daunting yet inspiring, true story I've heard in years, if not decades...

American Stonehenge:
Monumental Instructions for the Post-Apocalypse

And here's a bit more from a Google Search for "Georgia Guidestones." The place appears to be quite the litmus test... and a flashpoint for a lot of deependers.

Post Script: I received a very interesting email from a friend after she read the article above, and even though it's quite long, everything she writes is quite well thought-out. So I'm gonna post it here for everyone to see...

Last night (early this am) I was finishing learning how to use my new camera and finally transferred photos to the computer. Then I find your [blog post] but it's 1:30am and I said to myself: I need to get to sleep and I am not going to do this now. Because I had some rather instantaneous and curious reactions. I believe I even felt my brain cells popping and crackling. I was reading/skimming along thinking "wait for it" "wait for it" and YES! It showed up. dammit. That fucking shit about December 2012.

The very best college course I have ever taken was the multi-cultural awareness one I was forced to take to finish my little degree. I don't recall all the options but I jumped on the one concerning "the Americas". I love the universality of humans. There are supergigantic, super ancient structures everywhere. It is unfathomable that humans created them. There are "perfectly accurate" (re astronomy matters) structures all over the world. I am insulted on behalf of all past cultures that what little information I have read so far about this puny collection of pebbles in Georgia does not reference ancient parallels and hardly references anything except the 14th century whosits: rosicrucianism. Whom I have also never heard of before 1:30am. The only BCE (before common era) structure referenced: StoneHenge.

What about all the other apocalypses that have already happened? The Aztecs literally wiped out in less than 80 years. So many civilizations around the world reached their zenith and then "disappeared". They disappeared because their successors (often conquerors) did all they could to destroy all evil evidence of the past. There are ancient civilizations that existed way back into the mists of time and they also left massive rock structures. The Aztecs found an ancient city that was almost perfectly preserved because it was in a remote, dry location. The Aztecs had no clue who in hell these people were...other than "obviously" they had to have been gods. That conclusion was made by the then-most highly advanced civilization (in the Americas) which was happening concurrently with the then-most-highly advanced civilization (in Europe). No wonder white people have long thought they are God's gift to the universe. They certainly weren't evolved highly enough to appreciate the wonders that "savages" had achieved. Which were pretty damn equal to the Europeans. Both had "god worship" with extremely similar power concepts; every possible contrivance re irrigation; architecture; etc. But in the Americas they did it without machinery, animal power, wheels. And were far more in tune with nature and their relationship to the planet. But then there always have been white people who extoll the value of "nature". They were and still are considered pretty much crackpots. Look at all the flack anyone espousing global warming gets. I probably am among those throwing stones at them simply by not taking enough [omg....buzzword coming up] proactive steps in my own little domain.

I am all for mysticism and the wonders of the universe and the wonders here on earth and the possibility that we are all just a speck in that proverbial dewdrop on a fence in some unfathomable other existence. But the yahoos who paid for the Georgia Stones? Please. They are not even massive or particularly large. [I have] bigger stones. haha. Based on the climate/habitat they are located in....I guarantee you their message will not survive any apocalypse of Real Dimensions. Because kudzu will overrun the entire location in about 2 hours once any "caretakers" stop weeding the place.

I absolutely believe in the Infallibility of Math. The incredible proofs of how ancient/medieval/modern people dissect the patterns of the stars and life here on earth are truly "awesome." It scares/pleases me to realize that every generation thinks it is just the damn smartest thing that ever existed. There have always been and currently are plenty of geniuses. There have always been and currently are plenty of whackjobs.
I do not despise religion/belief systems because I find it reassuring that humans around the world are eerily similar. And that they have been all along. Not just since the internet showed up. I know. That must be shocking news to you. Isolated as you are out there on the Front Range and all. haha. That common thread through what little bit of eternity that I know about is a "proof" to me that there is a deeper purpose and destiny for humans. I really balk at the concept that Others are in charge. My "proof" there is that so many quack fringe people and their cults, when outed, invariably are a small group totally incapable of really pulling off anything in the big scheme of events. I also totally buy into, at the very least, Money Talks. The rest of us walk. Probably carrying The Money on our pathetic poverty-encrusted backs. (I glommed onto your "poverty encrusted [life]" comment of long ago because that is a damn funny/fucking truth.) Those are indeed the Others.

Finally, I came to terms some time ago (possibly about 6-1/2 years ago? haha.) with My Truth: I do not have all the answers. I never will. This does not bother me. Because I truly believe that I will "know it when I see it." Because Chosen Ones always have been able to know it when they see it. So bring it on, 2012. But it had better give its best shot the first time because it will not get a second chance at me.
My friend is quite a character, wouldn't you say?


Anonymous Slow said...

Your friend has character by the truckload. The Cat 797 truckload.
Funny how perspective works. When i read this article I immediately thought (as an engineer and a history buff), if i were going to construct a monument that would withstand the next apocalypse, I sure wouldn't model my design after Stonehenge. While it has arguably survived much longer than about anything created by modern man will (possibly excepting Hoover Dam?) it has definitely seen better days, with large portions either toppled, broken or missing. The ancient Egyptian pyramids seem to have withstood the test of time a bit more successfully, so why not build a pyramid in Georgia?
My guess is that Mr. Fendley & Mr. Martin were looking to create a tourist attraction for their little out of the way burg.
But regardless of whether or not this story was all that "news worthy", i LOVE Wired magazine! Best one in print for my money. (Well, the best one in print that doesn't feature hotties in their birthday suits anyway.)

10:04 AM, December 31, 2009  

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