Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Howard's Best Stuff

It's been nearly seven months since Howard started blogging on Why Howard Laughed. And during that time, he's posted 101 entries for your scorn and ridicule. Now it's time to mail one in, which means it's Jump the Shark Week.

What does it mean to jump the shark, you ask? In the 70's, when the writers for the hit teevee sitcom Happy Days ran out of creative juices, they sent the Happy Days crew to Hawaii, where Fonzy water skied and jumped over a shark. That episode became synonymous with such future teevee cliches such as Evil Twins, Retrospective Episodes, and Forbidden Sex Between Coworkers, Platonic Friends, or Bitter Antagonists.

These kinds of episodes have become such eye-rolling cliches that they signal the dying pangs of a typically long-lived but played-out teevee show.
Nearly all sitcoms and dramas that have explored every possible story arc permutation have resorted to one or all of these cliches in the end. You get the idea.

But don't worry. Howard's still full of unique and awe-inspiring verbiage, even though he's gonna jump hisself a shark today, August 1st, by posting a Top Twelve List of His Favorite Postings from Why Howard Laughed during the past seven months.

Some postings are a long hard slog to read but were inspired by wonderful personal experiences that required lots of extra words (#1, #2). Others represent some of the finest writing that Howard has ever spewed forth (#3, #8, #11). Some were written only after a tremendous amount of research and effort (#4, #7, #9, #10). And finally, a few were just fun and interesting things to write about (#5, #6, #12). Howard hopes you enjoy reading or re-reading these as much as he enjoyed writing them.

Howard's Best Stuff:
1. Howard's 2006 Tour de Wyoming
2. Howard's 2006 Ride the Rockies
3. I Am the Lord of Bonk -or- Mysery Loves Company
4. Futility, Thy Name is Ames
5. What's Your Superpower?
6. The Universe is Symmetrical
7. Howard's Blog of Fame: The Mansard Roof
8. Don't Get Between An Architect and His Movietime
9. Lovely Images, Part VI: Machu Picchu
10. Ugly to the Bone
11. So Why Did Howard Laugh? (This one explains the origin of the blog's name)
12. American House Design Awfulness


Blogger CJ said...

Next thing you know, your evil twin will show up.

2:27 PM, August 01, 2006  
Blogger HRlaughed said...

Gee, I was hoping for some forbidden sex...

2:35 PM, August 01, 2006  
Blogger Saurabh Barve said...

That comment might as well make it forbidden...

2:48 PM, August 01, 2006  

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