Wednesday, July 26, 2006

As if You Need Another Reason to Drink Chocolate Milk

It's true that Howard's architecture blog has morphed into something of a cycling/architecture/energy issue blog instead. Howard's oldest son has complained, probably because he wants to read more about Howard's work than his play. Too bad. My blog. Mine. Mine.

One thing that Howard learned on the Tour de Wyoming from Nick of Rapid City is that a study released in February discovered that chocolate milk is one of the best foods to consume after a challenging aerobic workout such as cycling to promote rapid recovery prior to continued workouts. Apparently the ratio of carbs to protein in chocolate milk are ideal for post-workout recovery, not to mention all the anti-oxidants, isoflavones, and caffeine contained in chocolate, and also that it comes in fluid form.

After our paceline work on Tour de Wyoming Day 5 from Meeteetse to Basin, Nick and Howard went to lunch and drank tall glasses of chocolate milk at Tom's Diner. It's too soon to say if it worked although Howard did not bonk the next day when that possibility was surely on the table. This will need even more study by Howard. Please post your own anecdotal evidence in comments.

Here's a link to an article about the study.

For what it's worth, Howard has been drinking 10 oz. yogurt smoothies after his workouts (250 calories, 3g fat, 150mg sodium, 500mg potassium, 49g carbohydrates, 44g sugars, 10g protein), but chocolate milk sounds even better if it can beat these numbers.

Update: Here are the numbers for 10 oz. of chocolate milk: 275 calories, 10g fat, 300mg sodium, potassium not listed, 35g carbohydrates, 21g sugars, 10g protein. The yogurt smoothies have more sugar and potassium but much less fat and sodium than the chocolate milk. Perhaps low-fat chocolate milk might be better. But then again, fat tastes good.


Blogger Cara Lietuva said...

My mother confirmed the chocolate milk info. And everyone knows, moms know best.

9:14 AM, July 27, 2006  

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