Sunday, May 28, 2006

The Universe is Symmetrical

It's time to tell you one of my favorite stories. Favorite because it is short, it is pithy, and because it is true.

My oldest son played college baseball, and during a preseason workout in his sophomore year, I was watching the team of 26 practice when a freshman player -- we'll call him Kevin -- walked up to me on his way to chasing down a foul ball. He asked me if I was the father of my oldest son, although I confess that is an awkward way of saying that he actually asked if I was "mister", followed by my surname.

I said I was.

He then smiled, introduced himself and shook my hand. Then Kevin said, "I just wanted to tell you something. Back in September when the team had its first team meeting, I was there and I didn't know anyone, so I was feeling out of place and uncomfortable. Then your son just walked right up to me and started talking to me like we had been friends all our lives, and after that I felt comfortable, like I belonged. And I just wanted to tell you that I think your son is the nicest person I've ever met."

Stunned and smiling from the generosity of the compliment, but not really surprised (because I know my son so well), I thanked him, and back to practice Kevin went.

Fast forward a couple years. My son calls me up one day and says, "Dad, I have to tell you about someone I recently met. A girl. I think she's the nicest person I've ever met." I instantly recognized the echo of that phrase from a couple years before, but I didn't say anything. Instead, we talked about my son's new girlfriend.

Fast forward another six months. Both families are getting ready for the wedding. My son's fiance tells me that Kevin has been a friend of hers since they were kids. Then she smiles and asks me if I knew that Kevin was actually the one who first introduced my son to her the year before. I said I did not... as my head went spinning pondering the syncronicities of karma.

They've been happily married for nearly two years now. And when I think about how the nicest guy was introduced to the nicest girl by an amazingly mutual friend, I can't help but think that the universe is perfectly symmetrical.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a really nice story! Yup - the universe is symmetrical - and Kenny Boy is about to find that out. The Bill Moyers post was great too.

4:41 PM, May 28, 2006  

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