Monday, July 31, 2006

Where Everybody Knows Your Name?

  • Howard punishes himself daily with a 20-mile bike ride. Spandex, shoes cleated to pedals, breathable jerseys, fancy pants sunglasses. The whole schmear. Because he figures if one can't ride like the pros, one can at least look the part. Windy, humid, and warm today, but he still had a very fast ride. However, a couple miles into the ride, going through a quiet neighborhood on the way to the fast and straight proving grounds, a woman hollered from his side, "Howard." A second passed before he realized she could mean him, as that is his superhero name. As he started to look back, he heard her say something like, "think quick," but Howard didn't. He's one of those slow-but-sure thinkers. So he couldn't see who it was and if she really meant him. Not many Howards out there in the real world. And even fewer women know who the real Howard is. Despite his semi-confidence that his true identity remains hidden, Howard has been disoriented ever since. Still, he broke a few riding records today (yes, Howard runs time trials against himself. He always wins.) Also, a couple days ago, he surpassed the 4,000 mile mark for 2006. He has aspirations of being A Machine. You'll have to check this link to understand the reference.
  • I met with the contractor and his project superintendant at the construction site for the million dollar house. The gypcrete floors have been poured over the radiant floor heating tubes, the drywall is scheduled to begin later this week, and the cabinets are waiting to be installed and are sitting in their crates in the garage. I would include an updated photo, but my digital H-P camera, which is about four-years old, is busted.
  • I signed a contract with a new client to design a two-story addition to the back of their house, and convert their one-car garage into a two-car garage. I spent a few hours measuring everything and should get started soon, however, I still haven't finished with construction drawings for a previous house addition that I should have gotten out the door weeks ago. It's more work than I anticipated. Stuff's backing up on me, and in the meantime I keep getting emails and phone calls from prospective new clients about additional work. The real estate market in my town is stagnant, however the additions/renovations market still seems to be booming. Is it time to get an office (outside the home office) and hire me some younglings? Not sure yet.
  • At the halfway point of his daily bike ride, Howard met a short and vaguely athletic-looking guy going for a ride with his young son. He asked Howard about his daily riding routine, which allowed Howard to brag how he usually rides 20 miles a day unless he goes for "a little foothills action," which made the guy chuckle. Then the short and vaguely athletic-looking guy told Howard he rides up the steepest and most difficult canyon in the county twice a week. This climb is a real killer and contains many 18% stretches. That's a lot of percent. Howard was floored. Lesson Learned: It doesn't matter how prepared and proficient at something one gets, there's always someone who makes you feel like Cliff Clavin from Cheers. Howard the Poseur. I wonder if the USPS is hiring?


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