Saturday, January 06, 2007

Why Howard Loves Cycling

1. Benefits to aerobic fitness
2. Aids weight loss/can eat more candy
3. Fun, fun, fun, and funner fun
4. Environmental concerns & green miles
5. Cheap transportation
6. Meet more interesting people on bikes than in cars
7. More acute physical connection to surroundings
8. Billion Chinese can't be wrong
9. Satisfies competitive desires at times they need to be quenched
10. Mentally relaxing and distracting
11. Doing something that two years ago thought impossible (ride 8,000 miles)
12. Doing something that nearly everyone else thinks impossible (ride 8,000 miles)
13. Like bragging about it on BikeJournal, catching flak, and rhetorically jousting
14. Annual drop in car's mileage from 3,000 miles a month to 300 miles a month
15. Something else to write about on the blog
16. Shlepped ice bike to Estes Park at Christmas and rode. Worth the reactions.
17. Wind in the helmet hair, bugs in the teeth
18. Climbing big monster hills.... only afterwards, actually
19. Planning next purchase at Performance Bicycles
20. Eating GU, Clif Bloks, and Sports Beans
21. Ice Biking rocks!
22. Something wonderful to share with my best girl

Howard could go on and on and on (your greatest fear, right?)


Blogger SueJ said...

Hey, you condensed my next blog entry "acute physical connection"... I was thinking that people don't Run AWay when they go to nature, or they'd just go to a resort hotel room... and I get what they want every bike ride home, especially when the weather is interesting.

11:55 PM, January 06, 2007  
Blogger John said...

LOL! If this list were any more true... um.... I don't know the rest of this comment.

Love the blog. Keep in touch.

8:20 PM, January 07, 2007  

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