Thursday, December 21, 2006

Dave Moulton: Invisible Man

Speechless, I'm speechless. Two weeks ago, I wrote about Dave Moulton, a 70-year-old retired bicycle framebuilder, writer, blogger, and avid cyclist who was in a near-tragic collision with an SUV. Since then, he's focused on recovering and has started blogging again. This morning he wrote about his appearance in court with the driver of the SUV. You have to click here to read it directly from Dave...

Bicyclists have no rights. It's like we don't exist in the eyes of the law -- not really. Men and women on bicycles get killed by inattentive drivers somewhere in this country every week, and yet in every case I hear about, the driver is not charged or is given a token slap on the wrist. Judges dismiss cases for "lack of evidence", though such a cavalier attitude is never taken in auto-v.-auto collisions. Fault is always placed in those cases.

We're speechless. The law has rendered cyclists speechless. Attention SUV drivers: It's open season on cyclists!

So now Dave must deal with this in Civil Court. He has a good lawyer who's also a cyclist -- one who even owns one of Dave's frames! Good luck, Dave.


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