Sunday, December 31, 2006

Lots and Lots and Lots and Lots

Two quick photos to show you the accumulations of snow that northern Colorado received during the two recent blizzards. This one shows Howard's backyard patio under about 24 inches of heavy snow received during the morning/afternoon of December 20th. Though we have two dogs, there are no dog paths visible, even to this day, because the dogs hadn't yet figured out how to make them.

This photo is of a deck outside the house in Estes Park, near Rocky Mountain National Park. The deck was perfectly clear of snow when we arrived on December 26th. 24 inches of heavy snow fell the afternoon/evening of December 28th. Amazingly, most of the evergreens were able to support the extra weight as we didn't see any broken limbs or branches. These kinds of snow accumulations drastically alter lifestyles -- albeit in the short term. The day before the blizzard hit, all grocery stores in Estes were completely empty of milk, eggs, hamburger, chicken, and most fresh produce.


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