Friday, December 29, 2006

How I Spent My Christmas Vacation

This is the house where 15 Howard-family members stayed for three days after Christmas. It's only miles away from Rocky Mountain National Park. Howard foolishly brought his Ice Bike with him because he needed ONLY 43.5 miles to reach 8,000 miles for the year. He considers himself fortunate to have ridden 28.2 miles during those three days. Once home, he rode another 10 miles through 12 inches of new snow and he now has five miles to go...

Here are lots of Howards freezing en masse while trying to figure out where to go next. They chose to go back to their mountain home (photo at top). Mrs. Howard can be seen peeking at the camera to the left, the Juniorest Howard is wearing red in the middle, Second Son is to his right, and Howard's father-in-law is to the far right (literally, not politically.) He is the coldest of them all.

Second son and the Juniorest Howard are frolicking on a frozen lake where the frolicking is hard work.

Howard's brother-in-law was once a professional photographer. He's in his pro stance photographing elk, which are considered weeds with antlers to many occupants of the region.

Howard's money shot. Taken while in a faux pro stance.


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