Friday, March 13, 2009

Chicago Sheriff Refuses to Foreclose

From Newsweek comes the story of the Cook County Sheriff, Thomas Dart, who has stopped foreclosures...
"Until you're physically out there, you can't really get the magnitude of what you're actually up to. It sounds like it's an antiseptic process, and it's anything but that. In the majority of the homes I was going into, there were always little kids around—I mean, really young kids, and we're taking them and putting them out on the street. A lot of them were seniors, and a lot of them had issues with dementia. Once again—we're taking them out to the street … Most of these neighborhoods are not good neighborhoods. Once [their belongings are] out on the street, we leave. While they're off looking for transportation, the few things they own are being stolen."
Read it here.


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