Monday, February 16, 2009

Ready to Ride in the Tour of California?

The Amgen Tour of California in an eight-stage (plus a Prologue time-trial) bicycle race that covers much of California from Sacramento to the Golden Gate Bridge, to the Redwoods and the wind turbine farms in the Central Valley, and the San Gabriel Mountains to Mt. Palomar and San Diego. It has quickly become America's premier bicycle event almost comparable to the Tour de France.

Almost. Californian Levi Leipheimer is the reigning champion, but it also features Lance and Floyd and David and Big George and Fabian and 130 others*.

Riders with a bicycle apparel company, Rapha, put this nice video together, and rode the ToC route, documenting and charting and mapping everything, so avid cyclists who might might want to experience the entire ride for themselves will know what to expect.

*Who are all better cyclists than you and me.


Anonymous Slow said...

Just like the TOC. But with sunshine!

6:28 PM, February 19, 2009  

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