Wednesday, December 19, 2007

That's Just Crazy Talk

I have a bicycling friend named Mozam. He has a blog at this link. He's a great guy. I know because I met him and rode with him last April in Las Vegas. Yes, he lives and works and bikes in Vegas. When it's not so hot. The biking part I mean.

Anyway, he decided to aim for 8,000 miles on his bike this year, partly I suspect, because I did it last year. When he was considering it, I encouraged him and explained a bit about what is required to ride 8,000 miles in a year (about 154 miles a week, every week. And don't forget to take a rest day too!)

And he did it! (Congrats buddy!)

So what is he now thinking? He's thinking he might try shooting for 10,000 miles in 2008... same as Howard did this year (actually as of this posting, I'm still 200 and some miles away from 10K, but don't you worry 'bout me.) Mozam discussed this new goal on his blog and this is how I responded:
Sir Mozam,

Do as I say and not as I do.

I did 8,000 miles last year and 10,000 miles this year. The 10K goal was a mistake (although I will love bragging about it forever and ever!) Too much time away from work, even though I'm self-employed and didn't have that bigga workload. I rode 13 centuries and a triple-metric (186 miles). I don't regret those a bit. But that need to do 32 miles a day 6 days a week (with one rest day every week) was a bit daunting at times!
Nope, next year I'm going back to 8,000 miles. Nice big fat doable number, if you ask me.

You were asking me, right? :-D

At least one century every month, a bunch of brevets -- 200K, 300K, 400K... 600K? Plus, the HooDoo 500 in September and all my other favorite rides like Triple Bypass and Horsetooth Double Dip and Bicycle Tour of Colorado and el Tour de Tucson.

Yeah, without all that 32-miles-a-day-no-matter-what pressure, 8,000 miles is just about right.
For me anyway.

Go ahead and shoot for 10K so YOU can brag about it like me (I RODE 10,000 MILES THIS YEAR, SUCKER!!!) But you'll be back to 8,000 miles the following year. Just you watch...
Whatever you choose to do, Mozam, I know you'll do it with gusto!

Update: Mozam decided to chase 8,800 miles this year -- an increase over 2007 of 10%. Wise move well executed, dude. Me? I'm going for 7,926 miles in 2008 which is the exact diameter of the Earth across the equator (well, exact to within the nearest mile.)


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