Thursday, December 06, 2007

Looking for a Post-Peak-Oil Business Paradigm?

Here is a brilliant idea for a small business in the new era. I would love to see it flourish, and since I didn't invent it, I have no hesitations about sharing it with you: Backyard Farmer-for-Hire.

The idea is this: One or more horticultural types (you know -- green thumbs), with knowledge, and experience in backyard organic gardening hire themselves out to home-owners who would like a garden in their backyard, but for one reason or another, the home-owners don't have the time or where-with-all to do it themselves.

The farmers-for-hire prepare the garden, plant whichever vegetables, fruits, and/or herbs are desired by the home-owner, and then they visit the garden once a week to inspect, weed, till, and harvest the garden, leaving a basket of goodies on the back porch after each visit during growing season. And of course the farmers-for-hire charge for the service, while the goodies are free. Okay, they're not free, but at least they're organic and locally produced!

As a matter of fact, two women in Portland, Oregon--Donna and Robyn--are already doing it. Their business is named Your Backyard Farmer, and after two seasons is a huge success with over 40 clients!

Here's a recent write-up about it at Orion Magazine, Food Less Traveled by Edward C. Wolf.

This is a perfect idea for our times, as well as for a time in the not-so-distant future when ever-increasing distribution costs inevitably change everything about how America produces, eats, travels, and lives.

My prediction: Within two years, every city and town in America will have these businesses offering this great service. Will you or your brother, sister, or spouse be the first one in your town to get started?


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