Saturday, May 19, 2007

Southern Ocean Saturated with CO2

Scientists have been telling us that the Southern Ocean around Antarctica is one of the greatest natural sinks of carbon dioxide. "Sinks" in the sense that carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is drawn into the oceans where it is sequestered -- stored, relatively harmless and benign. This is a good thing.

Also, these scientists have been predicting that as world-wide levels of CO2 continue to rise, we would start to detect very high levels of carbon dioxide in the Southern Ocean around 2050.

Surprise! Not only is carbon dioxide being detected in those oceans NOW, but it appears that they are fully saturated with the stuff -- so bad that they can't hold any more! This is a bad thing.

Here's the article from CNN.

Yes, things appear to be moving along much quicker than the global warming deniers had hoped. That is a very bad thing.


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