Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Subvert Las Vegas, Save the World

Howard went to Las Vegas this week to celebrate Earth Day.

What the hell did Howard just say?!!

Okay, he didn't go there as part of an Earth Day celebration, per se.
Going to Las Vegas might be considered the antithesis of doing something to save the planet. Other than the fact of Howard's and BalticTiger's flying via Ozone Airlines to Las Vegas Sunday evening, and other than the fact that Las Vegas is practically the epitome of unsustainability in terms of water and electricity use, and other than the fact that the entire city was built post-WWII which means it was built to be utterly dependent on cars as transportation, and other than the fact that the city couldn't exist without inefficient air conditioning, and other than the fact that the place seems to be all about mass consumption and relieving wallets of excess dollars -- other than ALL THAT, let Howard explain why his going to Las Vegas with his best girl is about Earth Day.

Howard and BalticTiger are hacking the system -- hacking in terms of subverting the system.

Howard and BalticTiger will not go anywhere near The Strip. Howard and BalticTiger are staying at the Red Rock Casino/Resort/Spa which is miles from The Strip, at the foot of Red Rock Park, not a particularly big draw for tourists visiting Las Vegas. Unless one is a cyclist. Or one likes great views of The Strip from afar. BalticTiger keeps turning up the thermostat, perhaps to fight off the air conditioner which insists on conditioning our air. Or perhaps she's just chilly because she's a girl with faulty circulation. Doesn't matter. We're still hacking the system. Howard and BalticTiger are renting all-carbon Synapse Cannondales for their transport/entertainment needs. And we HAVE needs, alright. Just not the we're-going-to-depend-on-cars-to-live type. Oh yes, and Howard/BalticTiger turned down the bed-turn-down service because we're just not into conspicuous consumption and pampered poodle privilege. We still did, of course, demand the chocolates.

Pictures and perhaps video from the Save-The-Planet-By-Visiting-Las-Vegas trip are forthcoming.

In the meantime, here's a cycling video that Howard made to commemorate a recent ride with BalticTiger:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Forget this planet, this planet's done for. I say we give NASA the entire government budget here on out and we all move to Gliese 581.
At only 20 light years away it's practically around the corner.

ps- come home, you're missing some great Spring snow here.

10:03 PM, April 24, 2007  
Blogger SueJ said...

Dang it, you didn't spend nearly enough time traveling to keep your mileage down. What was unleashed last November????
You aren't truly *hacking* the system until you're causing resonance disruptions in it.

10:13 AM, April 26, 2007  

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