Monday, April 30, 2007

Stove Prairie Training Ride

Howard hosted a training ride for Club Hypoxia on Sunday, and it was a great success. Eleven of us climbed over 4,000 feet of elevation to Masonville, then through Buckeye Canyon on Stove Prairie Road, and back to Fort Collins along the Poudre River Canyon. Total miles for the day -- 71.5.

Here is a photo of the bunch of us at the top of the climb at Stove Prairie Road. From left to right: deadhead, BikePrincess, bmclaughlin, Brinehawk, jxscott, Sunshine, Zin, zcubed, SombraGato, Howard, grubg

Also, here is a video that Howard made of the ride...

And while you're in the neighborhood, here's a video from our trip to Las Vegas...


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