Monday, March 19, 2007

Just Another Epic Day With Club Hypoxia

Club Hypoxia went and did it again -- planned and executed a group ride that not only exceed expectations, but also exceeded our abilities as cyclists... Or at least it exceeded what we thought was possible so early in the season. Sunday's ride started at 11 a.m. and ended at 5 p.m. (frequent breaks), covered 54 miles, and climbed 4,720 vertical feet -- most of them of the relentlessly up, Up, and UP variety!

Prior to the start of the ride, a couple of Hypoxians had to bow out due to flu. Then a couple more began to complain of various aches and pains. Even Howard had reason to moan after his 5K run the day before. Finally, one rider posted the following appropriate FRAZZ comic (click all images to make them big):

The route for the day was the Lariat Loop, a 38-mile bike route through the foothills, ridges, and mountains west of the Denver metro area. It's a very popular ride for cyclists, though Howard didn't know it existed until about a week ago. Because he's still a rookie.

Here's a link to a map and explanation of the Lariat Loop. Please note that it starts out west of Golden by climbing Lookout Mountain, the same five-mile 6% pant-fest that nearly killed Howard two weeks ago. Only this time, instead of turning around, Howard and the Hypoxians would continue on to Genesee, I-70, Evergreen, down through Bear Creek Canyon to Morrison, then back to Golden. But we didn't start in Golden. We met up and started as before in Wheat Ridge. Total mileage for the day = 54 miles. Here's a photo of the eleven of us at the top of Lookout Mountain (left to right -- jxscott, zcubed, Zin, Howard, BalticTiger (Howard's best girl), GrubG, deadhead, bmclaughlin, BikePrincess, ZenLC, Sunshine):

Here's Zin at Lookout Mountain admiring seven levitating bikes without kickstands:

BalticTiger looking all slim and fit on the outskirts of Evergreen, after being informed that we face only one more climb:

Zin taking pictures of weary riders while BalticTiger wonders when the climbing really ends:

Club Hypoxia relaxing in Evergreen, looking to zcubed for direction (downhill, he said):

As a special added treat, here's a video shot and edited by zcubed, who posted it to YouTube. It's nearly five minutes long and incredible. Enjoy...

Finally, since this started out as an architecture blog... once back down in Lakewood, Howard rode right in front of a pair of office buildings he and another architect designed in 1995, but never once visited after construction was completed. Go figure:

When Howard and BalticTiger got home, Howard went for an 8 1/2-mile ride in the sunset to complete a metric century. BalticTiger just smiled with patience and understanding.

What's next? I don't even WANT to know...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

at this pace, you're gonna live to be 150. can the world really take another century+ of howie?

2:02 PM, March 20, 2007  
Blogger HRlaughed said...

Just so long as I don't outlive my kids. That would be a fate worse than death.

4:43 PM, March 20, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, not only did watching that video make me bonk but it also made me break a sweat w/ the I-70 footage.
I'm gonna go eat a PowerBar now cuz I just lost 2000 calories watching that.

10:22 PM, March 20, 2007  
Anonymous dporter (Doug) said...

As much as I love zcubed's and Howard's videos (Horsetooth descent, Lookout descent, and this one), I fear your cinematic adventures could end badly. Be careful!

3:12 PM, March 26, 2007  
Blogger HRlaughed said...

It's either this or cute little puppies...

1:41 PM, April 02, 2007  

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