Sunday, February 25, 2007

Make No Small Plans, Part III

On December 30th, Howard posted his goals for 2007. Things change, and in this case for the better.

He added two new goals, removed two goals, tweaked two goals, and is on track to meet or exceed two previous goals. After amendments, Howard's goals for 2007 should now read:
  • 10,000 miles of cycling (Howard's at 1,113 miles; at this date last year - 740).
  • Ride Mickelson Trail in South Dakota with The Machine in early May.
  • Run the 10K Bolder Boulder on Memorial Day, May 28th. Howard is signed up.
  • Lose those final 13 pounds by June 1st. Currently down 8 pounds with 5 to go!
  • Ride the Rockies with best girl, June 17-23. Lottery's announced March 16th.
  • Triple Bypass, July 14th. 120 miles, 10,000 feet of climbing. One long day.
  • Attend second son's wedding on July 21st!
  • RAGBRAI with best girl, Lance Armstrong, and Team Sunshine, July 22-28.
  • Colorado Cyclist Copper Triangle Ride on August 4th.
  • Self-supported tour with best girl, Eugene, OR/first son is hub, mid August.
  • Horsetooth Double-Dip in late August.
  • Buffalo Bicycle Classic century ride, September 9th.
  • El Tour de Tucson, November 17th.
  • Design two new custom houses, one of which is currently under contract.
If Howard can accomplish all 14 of these excellent goals, he'll be the master of his domain. If he can manage even ten of them, it'll still be an incredible year.

Make no small plans!


Blogger John said...

You're my hero! (nuts, but my hero nonetheless).

8:58 AM, February 27, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For me, the 8 lbs gone is the most impressive part. I fight the same 20 lbs year round. Of course my smart-alect 30 year old son still says to me, "Want to lose 20 ugly pounds of fat? Cut off your head."


4:04 PM, March 02, 2007  

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