Thursday, March 29, 2007

Fortune Cookie: "Duck Now or Die!"

Tonight's fortune cookie: "God will help you overcome any hardship."

Yes, this was an actual fortune from an actual fortune cookie. Does it strike anyone else as kind of odd? Fortune cookies being written by evangelical Christians? Now don't get Howard wrong. Howard believes in God. But if he wrote fortune cookies, the last thing he would do would use that Power to evangelize about God. Don't fortune cookie companies have editors?

Of course, it could have been worse:

Sorry I've been away so long. I've once again been busy with busy-ness. I've had to scramble like the dickens to finish up a set of construction documents for an addition & renovation to the world's most modest home. I finished and had them plotted up mid-week last week, then delivered stamped sets to the county and more sets to the two contractors who will be bidding on the job. The permit's already been approved -- took them all of four business days! It's their slow season, they said. Hmmm. The contractors say they'll have their bids back to me by Monday, April 9th. Good luck to all of us!

Also, I just began design on a new custom home for a retired professor and his wife up in Wyoming. 2,500 square feet of Arts & Crafts goodness (not counting the unfinished basement or garage.) They want the house to blend into the bland neighborhood on the outside, though not without a certain charm and good taste, but inside they want beauty as far as the eye and budget can see.

Busy, busy, busy-ness!


Blogger John said...

Work, work, work... gets in the way of life if you ask me. I rationalize my involvement in this country's work force by remembering that it makes every mile on the Tourmalet possible.

Speaking of fortune cookies... this got me googling and I found this:

My personal favorite is: "You are not illiterate."

Good luck with the new projects!

p.s. my "word verification" word was "dhimqeak". I think that should be a word.

7:02 AM, March 30, 2007  

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