Saturday, December 02, 2006

Sir, Could You Please Come With Us?

One of the very best writers on the internets is Billmon. On November 15th, he wrote an interesting bit on Jim Webb, the new Democratic Senator from Virginia. Then he posted an update on November 29th, mentioning at the end how he thought the President might be deserving of, well, I'll let him say it: "...if there is one person on this planet who deserves a couple of good ones to the jaw, it's the Dauphin."

Since then, bupkes from Billmon. You don't suppose he was invited to take an extended vacation to Gitmo, do you?

Howard will keep you posted.

Update: No update. It's been eight thirteen sixteen eighteen days and still nothing from Billmon. Are other blogs taking note?

Update to Update: About six weeks before the November elections, Billmon wrote that he would be easing up substantially on his blogging duties. But then political developments became interesting, so he stuck around through the month of November. At least this is the speculation. Either that, or he's remarkably resilient to waterboarding. In the meantime, Howard checks back daily.

Update to the previous Update, which already had a previous Update of its own: On December 19th, Billmon came back to us. Evidently, the dude needed his R&R from blogging. Hard to believe since he's such a natural. The best ones always make everything look easy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

No postings since Saturday ? Since then, bupkes from Howard. You don't suppose he was invited to take an extended vacation to Gitmo, do you?

8:30 AM, December 07, 2006  

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