Monday, November 27, 2006

Another Clue


Way back in June, Howard and his best girl spent time in Pagosa Springs during the Ride the Rockies bike tour. He then wrote about what a miserable place Pagosa Springs was (you can find it on the Day 2 writeup.) Here comes another piece of evidence...

A Pagosa Springs Colorado homeowners association is demanding that past HOA president Lisa Jensen remove a Christmas wreath that includes a peace sign. Some homeowners say it is an anti-Iraq war protest or even a promotion of Satan. If she doesn't remove it, they will fine her up to $25 a day until she does.

Told you so...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

that town is perhaps the epicenter of the religious right, from whence the shockwave of assholedome has been felt nationwide.

10:34 AM, November 27, 2006  
Blogger CJ said...

I saw in the Yahoo story that the pres of the assoc ordered the five members of the association committee to order Jensen to remove the wreath. When they refused, he fired all five.
Welcome to America.

11:01 AM, November 27, 2006  

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