Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Tuesday Travels with Livestock

Howard rode north of town again today looking for 170-some miles, but only finding 61. Temps in the low 30s, sunny skies, breezy, but Howard kept a good pace. Big winter blizzard apparently on the way. One finger kept freezing inside the glove, but a little frostbite only makes Howard stronger. 114 miles to go to reach his magical number of 8,000 miles. Stopped at the million-dollar house and took about a hundred photos with the new camera. Some of them are coming to this blog soon.

A single solitary cow standing in the middle of a nicely furrowed field of snow, staring at a cyclist.

Christmas tree orchard unharvested, overly mature, in a desiccated winter field. Not a metaphor. Just trees, okay?

Lone white horse at feedlot looking at Howard and hoping not to be "processed".

Curious cattle waiting to be "processed", but wishing they were white horses.

A strange yet beautiful house on a rise, with a curiously unpainted second story. Another unharvested Christmas tree orchard in foreground.


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