Friday, November 03, 2006

Howard's Suffering Revealed

Way back in July, Howard rode 352 miles and climbed 25,422 vertical feet in the Tour de Wyoming. While the experience left him deeply scarred, he still wrote extensively about it here.

Howard told you his camera stopped working after taking just one photo, and that story still stands. However, his buddy, Glenn from Gillette, snapped a few pics of their ride, and Howard just came across one that he can share with his readers... completely unretouched and unedited!

It was taken on the fifth and final day of the tour when Glenn, who is a machine at climbing, had taken a lead ahead of Howard and decided to pull over and snap a shot of his suffering.

This picture shows Howard (in red) grinding up a 7% grade of the Big Horn Mountains on his Fuji Touring Beater, looking for and praying for the next aid station.

Hey, you don't suppose The Machine used taking the picture as an excuse to take a break, do you?! That bastard! Now why didn't Howard think of it first? Probably lack of oxygen to the brain.


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