Friday, November 03, 2006

So Many Tidbits, So Little Time

These are all clues...
  • Howard won't be going to Tucson on November 18th for El Tour de Tucson after all. Instead, He will ride a century in and around his hometown on that day, if the weather cooperates.
  • A client decided to cancel his addition/renovation project just as Howard completed construction documents. Since he cancelled before construction began, the client apparently determined that he shouldn't have to pay his architect for 2 1/2 months of work. It took the "ex"-client 2 1/2 more months to realize that he was woefully wrong, and so he finally paid Howard a few days ago. That was the fastest cashed check in the history of cashed checks. Cleared too!
  • Howard conceived the brilliant idea that He would let his bike computer's thermometer tell Him how far He should ride that day. Wednesday at 2 p.m. -- 30 degrees, thus 30 miles. Thursday at noon -- 42 degrees, thus 42 miles. Friday Forecast: High of 58 degrees. Maybe this idea isn't so brilliant after all. Howard's knees concure. Update: Friday's temp at ride time -- 46 degrees, but only 36 miles of ride. Perhaps Howard will only attempt it a few times a week...
  • Kohler no longer sells the shower enclosure with the nice fritted glass as specified by Howard. So the contractor asked Him to go to a particular glass place in town that sells shower enclosures to select an acceptable substitution. Honest to God, Howard couldn't find the place [it was way around back of an industrial park where the chain link grew especially tall and rusty]. So Howard suggested to the contractor that he or his project superintendant select something themselves since they are familiar with Howard's house design and aesthetic intentions. The contractor agreed waaaay too readily. We should all be curious to see what the contractor selects. Photos forthcoming.
  • Howard's cycling mileage for the year is currently a bit over 6,300 miles. If He hopes to break 8,000 before the year is through, He'll need to ride 200 miles a week for just over eight weeks. Maybe 58 degrees/miles isn't so far after all...


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