Wednesday, January 23, 2008

You Better Clear Your Mind Instead

From the Batshit Insane File: Some are claiming this represents photographic proof of life on Mars...

In response to seeing this photo, I emailed my son:
OMG, how stupid can people be?!
Don't answer that.
His response:
So you're saying this ISN'T E.T. doing some buddha? So you're saying this ISN'T Big Foot practicing his 'I'm a little tea-pot' routine on Mars? So you're saying that if I stare at this huge 44 Mb panoramic picture for weeks on end that I'm not really seeing the secret 6th Beatle band member, nor the grassy-knoll gunman, nor the CIA agents who put bombs in the WTC on 9/10, nor Barry Bonds injecting steroids into Clemens' butt, nor a moon landing being faked, etc etc etc?

Well, I for one welcome our buddhism-practicing E.T. overlords.
Buddha-E.T. be with you (and also with you). Let us lotus.
"Take! and E.T."
Hahaha! The mouth on that kid! (I'm so proud!)


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