Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A Short But Righteous Read

Howard's best girl, BalticTiger, is a technical editor in the daylight hours and a writer at night. One of her books was published a few years ago, for which she receives nice royalty checks every January. More recently, she has had five fiction short-stories published this year and she finds time to write a weekly column for a local newspaper.

But Howard can't tell you her name else his own secret identity would be compromised.

However, he CAN give you a link to a recent short-story of hers where she used a pseudonym, Cara Lietuva, instead of her real name... which is NOT BalticTiger, in case you were wondering. (By the way, Lietuva is the Lithuanian word for Lithuania, which is one of the Baltic nations. See the connection now?)

Anyway, here is the link to her short-story:

A Letter from Han Solo

Like I said, it's very short. But righteous.


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