Wednesday, September 27, 2006

le Viaduc de Millau -- French for "Hellacious Bridge"

Howard's always had a thing for bridges, particularly suspension bridges. Did he tell you that he used to build models of them as a teenager? He did?

Oh yeah... (six paragraphs in)

This "cable-stayed bridge" is the Millau Viaduct in Southern France (more photos available at the link including the one below.)

You MUST click both of these photos for enormous enlargements of same.

Bridges can be such graceful sculptural objects. The soft curve of this bridge as it spans across a tremendous valley below is utterly gorgeous and spellbinding.

However, looking at a panoramic photo of such a huge bridge from this angle can also be vertigo-inducing, as I can hear Mrs. Howard's palms getting sweaty right now.

Still, I'll bet one hardly knows one is driving over it at the time since bridge designers are clever to conceal any "perceived dangers."


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