Friday, September 22, 2006

Hoping Television Doesn't Add 10 Pounds

Okay, this is kinda silly, but Howard isn't embarrassed to admit that he's a pretty silly man.

He says inappropriate things at awkward times which cause maximum embarrassment to himself, his wife, and sons... all the freakin' time!

After a funeral, he even once asked a cousin he had only met a few times if her mom was going to be showing up at the graveside service, thinking that the inconvenience of being outside in a wheelchair on such a hot and humid day might be too much for her mother to take. Turns out her mother was the woman in the coffin, not the wheelchair. Oops. How does one apologize for such a horrendous mistake? Can't be done, Howard learned.

Do you now understand the level of Howard's inappropriate and thoughtless blurting? It's waaaay beyond silly.

Okay, now we can continue.

Howard is hoping that ten or fifteen seconds of his 15 minutes of fame might be expended next month on the teevee.

Wyoming Public Television will be showing a half-hour broadcast of the 2006 Tour de Wyoming on Thursday, October 26th at 7 p.m. Since there were only 320 participants during the six-day ordeal, Howard figures his chances for face-time might be pretty good.

Now he has to figure out how to be in Wyoming at 7 p.m. that night to watch.

The two photos shown here are promotional pics from Wyoming Public Television's website. And with no thought for copyright infringement penalties, Howard flat-out cut-and-pasted them. But not without good reason.

The picture on top is of a cyclist getting ready to get going on the first day of riding. The picture was taken in front of Dayton High School. And Howard is standing like a statue in the background to the left. Tall. Thin(ish). Wearing red. Or at least it would look red if the picture was in color.

The next picture is at an aid station on the second day -- a long hard ride from Buffalo to Ten Sleep. This aid station was at the first level piece of ground after a relentless and grueling 10-mile 7% climb. Although Howard should be in this picture as well, his riding companion for the entire climb--Glenn (The Machine) from Gillette--is visible on the far right side of the photo looking sort of toward the camera, standing tall, wearing sunglasses and a lot of scalp.

Howard was probably further off to the right emptying the contents of his stomach after that horrific ascent.

Copies of the broadcast, as part of WPT's Main Street, Wyoming series, will be available for purchase afterwards. If Howard can't see the program the night it premieres, he'll probably be compelled to buy hisself a piece of personal history and fame.

Back to the intro to this blog entry... Why did Howard tell you about his most embarrassing moment? Like I said, he's a silly, stupid man.


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