Monday, September 18, 2006

Million Dollar Photos

Here are seven photos of the million dollar house.

I don't know if they make too much sense, or if I should even try to explain all
the things you're seeing here.

But here goes:

1) the front entrance as the mahogany door is being hung; 2) the stone being installed along the patio at the walk-out basement, back door, and dog door; 3) the stair
landing showing future glass block locates; 4) the southeast side of the house with stair to back deck; 5) one of the kids bedrooms with closet, window seat, and future in-wall drawers; 6) the painter staining 1x6 baseboards in the family room; and 7) the kitchen being used as door staining HQ.

Since you've been asking for them for so long, I'll just post them As Is and let you figure out which is which.

As usual, you can click on any
of them to see them greatly enlarged.



Blogger Banished Ranter said...

Door staining. Baseboard staining. The Banished Ranter can relate. Oh, how he can relate. There are 5 doors in the older part of my house. But 12, count'em, 12 in the new part, and we went for the real wood look, oak, that is, rathern than painting. So a-staining we will go. And did you ever add up how many running feet of baseboard and trim are in a house ? It's insane. I think I'm well over 1000 feet, all of which has to be routed, sanded, two different types of stain, and then varnish. Because the Ranter wanted his own unique baseboard and trim, none of which comes off-the-rack........

7:43 AM, September 19, 2006  

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