Wednesday, June 14, 2006

About Halfway Done Now

Time for another update. Here's a photo I took today -- Wednesday -- when it was about 100 degrees Fahrenheit outside. I include the word Fahrenheit for our European and Asian readers so they don't freak.

You can also tell how hot it is because while the electricians were busy wiring up the house, they opened all the windows. One of their vans is barely visible to the right... blocking a better photo angle of the front of the house.

The decks and railings are finished, though construction of the exterior stairway off the back deck continues.

The roof -- soon to be taper-sawn cedar shingles -- should be installed within two weeks.

The stone wainscot around the base of the house and over the column bases will be installed within about a month.

The mahogany Arts & Crafts front door was delivered to the site yesterday and is being stored in the garage. In case anyone might be thinking, "hmmm, free door," the garage and the house are tightly locked up at night and on weekends. I, of course, have the combo to the lockbox, so late at night I think to myself, "hmmm, free door."

The client and I have begun discussing paint colors for the siding and trim, though I've encouraged him to wait until the stone is in place before we finalize that all-important decision.

Construction started on January 2nd and is conservatively expected to be complete on October 31st. That would put us a little past halfway to completion. Stay tuned...


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