Friday, May 12, 2006

50 Smart Places to Live

Kiplinger Magazine recently announced their list of the 50 Smartest Places to Live -- USA only, of course [click here]. Needless to say, my town is on the list. Because we are smart. How'd you fare? Also needless to say, if you live in Toronto or Vancouver or Montreal or even Winnipeg, you'da made the list too if they had opened it up to the entire North American continent. However, two of my favorite cities would have been knocked off the list with the inclusion of four Canadian cities. So all's well that ends well, right?

Who else did they miss?

Update: I was in a hurry when I first posted this, so I failed to mention that the voting criteria were based on the following factors:
1) the price of housing; 2) the character of neighborhoods and the ease of living; 3) Are commutes reasonable? 4) Do the suburbs have personalities? 5) Are downtowns clean, interesting and vibrant? I suppose one or more of those factors knocked a bunch of otherwise really nice cities out of contention. The question then came down to scoring methodology and how they weighted the factors...


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