Monday, December 08, 2008

Magic Water Falls From the Sky this Gizmo

Here's a nifty gizmo for churning out 13 quarts of pure water a day. It only requires a payment of $1,299 to purchase and 300 watts of electricity per hour to operate (roughly $0.50 a day).

It's called the
Watermill, and it sucks the water straight out of the air -- from the humidity in air.

It's estimated that the Earth's atmosphere contains enough moisture to fill the equivalent of Lake Superior, so we don't need to worry about ruining the local ecosystem. And this gizmo works anywhere -- from the rain forest to the desert... though when the relative humidity drops below 35%, it struggles a bit more.

You mount it on an exterior wall of your home or business and it draws its source air from outside which tends to be cleaner and more humid. The humidity is condensed into pure water, collected, and then you drink it. The U.S. Marine Corp is even using it right now.

Okay, so $1,299 is a bit steep. But if you lived up in the mountains or out in the wilderness or far from any source of water, it could be cost-efficient compared to drilling a well or installing a rainwater collection system or walking to and from fresh water with a bucket on your head.

As your architect, I would advise you consider it!


Blogger SiouxGeonz said...

But... when it's low humidity... your skin will get even drier!!

how about the "innovate or die" winner that used a bicycle to filter and transport water?

7:55 AM, December 09, 2008  
Anonymous Slow said...

"Not ruin the local eco-system" ... If every household was pumping the atmosphere dry, wouldn't that have a BIG impact on things? I'm just saying ....;-)

5:18 AM, December 12, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

not to nitpick, but 300 watts PER HOUR? the watt already has time units (energy/time). do you mean 300 watts? cause i think it's joules per second. i'm confused. when we charged for our energy usage, i think it's in watt-hours, i.e. watts times hours to give energy use.

i like the idea, especially since water is a greenhouse gas and is speculated to contribute in a positive feedback loop to the problem of global warming. so as long as we can get our electricity from solar or nuclear it'll be doubly beneficial.

1:48 PM, December 13, 2008  
Blogger Howard said...

Yes, of course you are right. (My readers are always right.) When measuring energy use of household appliances, watts are assumed to be per hour, as in watt-hour. But via verbal shorthand, we drop the "hour". I unthinkingly included the redundant "hours" designation because I was thinking ahead, converting to Kilowatt-Hours, a standard term that is not typically shorthanded. I did this to calculate the cost of running the Watermill for a day.

Nice catch.

6:06 PM, December 13, 2008  
Anonymous Pansy Palmetto said...

I think it looks like a Martian. And they ARE here, you know. For our water. Like me. Only gravity is keeping them/me here or we would be so outta here. With all of your water. But we can't. Be outta here, I mean. At least we aren't thirsty. Yet. And then it's gonna be: your blood that we want next. [crowd shouts: get him! get the arkeetick! he's the trouble maker!]

10:51 AM, December 17, 2008  

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