Monday, December 01, 2008

Jeebus! How Pvt. Monica Brown Won A Silver Star

Private Monica Brown is only the second woman to be awarded the Silver Star since World War II. She's an Army medic temporarily attached to a paratrooper unit in Paktika Province in Afghanistan who risked her own life to save two critically wounded paratroopers...

And she's only 18 years old. "Yeah. I am just a child," she acknowledges.

The key paragraphs:
Brown's instincts kicked in with bullets whizzing by and mortars exploding around her. This young woman, who was not even supposed to be in front line combat, threw her body over the wounded paratroopers to protect them. "It was an uncontrollable situation," she remembers. "And I just dove over Spray, 'cause Spray can't defend himself. It's not like he can go anywhere to take cover. So, I dove over him. Make sure he didn't get any shrapnel or anything from it."
"The MedEvac bird came in. And then it all hit me. You know, what had just happened. And, you know, I could've died. And those guys could've died. And I can't believe this just happened. All this stuff was just, like, rushing to me."

"And what did you do?" Logan asks.

"I threw up," Brown admits, laughing.

Go here and read the story, and watch the 60 Minutes video on this amazing woman.


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