Thursday, November 27, 2008

I Got the Turkey Trots

I can't explain it. After participating in all kinds of amazing and impressive bike rides and races, I rarely post anything about them here. And yet I do a little 5K run on Thanksgiving morning, the Loveland Turkey Trot, and am compelled to post about it here...

Howard at the finish line. The guy just behind me and to my right bugged me. I passed him with half a mile to go, but he wouldn't stay passed. So I sprinted at the finish to put him away. Only afterward, looking at this photo, did I realize that he had number 512 while I had number 511. What are the odds?

Howard, SuperNana, Crickett (10), and Peanut (7) at the start of the race. All of us ran today. Crickett and Peanut are amazing girls. They have both become avid cyclists in the past year because of their grandmother, SuperNana. By the way, SuperNana is my [virtual] twin sister as she was born five hours after me in the Pacific timezone. What are the odds?


Blogger Crosstrain said...

Howard, you can tell a cyclist in a run by all the clothes he wears. But the Galen Rupp warmup jacket is impressive. Alas, I am on my way back to Houston today and will miss the Hypoxian ride Saturday. Enjoy! Bound to be up ride with the club before the BP MS150.

6:10 AM, November 28, 2008  
Blogger Howard said...


Oh well, hope you had a great Thanksgiving, and let me know if and when you get back up to Paradise. If not, see you at the MS150 in April (amongst the throng of 13,000.)

10:41 AM, November 28, 2008  

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