Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Howard's Kinda Town

Howard and much of his family are travelling to Chicago Wednesday, Oct. 18th to Sunday, October 22nd. Yes, he will bring a functional camera.

Perhaps to encourage Howard to come with them, his family said they would be going on an architectural sightseeing trip with plenty of Frank Lloyd Wright, Louis Sullivan, Helmut Jahn, and strained neck muscles from looking up UP UP!

Sounds to Howard like the family will be depending on him to educate and enlighten them with ribald tales of construction cost overages, architect misdeeds, and change orders from hell. Not to worry -- Howard is well-versed in the legends of corruption, greed, and lust.

For example, Saturday will be spent touring Wright's Oak Park work including his home & studio, Unity Temple, followed by a trip to Robie House for a private one-hour showing.

The hotel everyone is staying at has an exercise room. Howard is hoping that means it'll have an exer-cycle of some shape and design. Howard gets soft and flabby if he doesn't get to exceed his lactic threshold on a daily basis. Hunky Howard would quickly become Heaving Humunculous Howard. Still pretty. Just not as.


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