Friday, February 24, 2006

Busy Busy Busyness

Yeah, I know. It's been a while since I posted anything interesting around here. If you can get past the shock of hearing that I’ve reproduced, I’ll tell you what my son tells me: that bloggers who don't post regularly lose readers. I'm sure he's right, especially considering that 1) he's always right, and 2) I have built up about 12 regular readers as of this week, and losing even three of them would represent a 25% loss in blogger momentum that we’ve built up with this mighty architecture juggernaut of ours. And as we all know, a juggernaut without momentum is nothing more than naut.

I'm pretty sure my last post -- Pretty Little Things, Part VII, or whatever I called it -- doesn't really count either. I admit it was a 'filler' post, though I really do admire the designs and The Architect behind them. For example, did anyone notice how the roof on the one house matched the slopes of the mountains in the background? I’ll wait while you go check this claim. Go ahead, I’ll still be here… Did you see it? Wow is right.

But back to my lack of postage...

My slacker excuse? Busyness.

First, construction has started again on the million-dollar house. I'm dealing with a lot of stuff like stained concrete floors in the basement and backfilling and double-checking plumbing schedules prior to the plumber ordering all the fixtures. Second, I'm also thinking about the house with the soon-to-be-subdivided-Great-Room and preparing a design services contract prior to a meeting with the couple this weekend. And third, I'm trying to design the exterior elevations of the hippie house addition in the foothills (you know -- the one with the most awful floor plan that should be wondrously all better in a few months. I'll try to post floor plans one of these days so you can agree with me.)

So please be patient. I have news updates and photo updates a brewin'. And I haven't even told you yet about my lunch reunion two days ago with the old architecture gang in the neighborhood megalopolis. I have to write about them as they represent one sixth of my readership!

If you read carefully between the lines here, you might infer that this blog (and by additional inference, this blog’s readers) are waaaaay down on this architect’s list of priorities. Perhaps so. But until we can figure out a way to develop a revenue stream for Howard and His Laughing Ways, you’re going to have to be patient while I deal with the paying customers first.

But Hey! This pile of excuses turned out to be a real post after all! That'll be $75 please.


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