Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Stupid Passwords

Damn, I got nervous for a minute while perusing this list. What is it? A list of the 500 Worst Passwords of All Time. Why are they so bad? See for yourself.

Why did I get nervous? Because I thought I might discover that I have no imagination. Fortunately, my low-security password is NOT on this list.

Low security? Yeah, I use a somewhat common word as my low-security password -- used for online subscriptions and silly things. Fortunately, it's not THAT common.

I also have a high-security password that I use for IMPORTANT stuff like PayPal, online bank accounts, and
things that matter. That password is [almost] hackproof. Okay, it's not THAT great, but still it's pretty good.

So, do you do that too? Use a couple of passwords on just about everything in your online life so you can always remember them?


Blogger Kin said...

My passwords are so good that if I am too tired to be on the computer or order something online, I can't remember them.

For security reasons, that is all I can say. :)

12:49 PM, January 09, 2009  

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