Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Delegitimizing the Election

The Republican Party is about to go into the wilderness. But don't worry for them. They like it there, because they get to purge the infidels, the moderates, the non-believers, the temperate, and the reasonable.

The Republican Party feeds on fear and a sense of victimization and outrage and martyrdom. Which is why ACORN has become such a boogieman and important symbol to them. Millions of American citizens -- often minorities, the poor, the voiceless -- are being enfranchised into the full rights of American citizenship by registering to vote. And this is a tremendous threat to the Republican Party, which depends on minimal turn-outs on election days.

Here's a very important video that presents the facts about ACORN, while touching on the Republican Party's goals -- though those facts will surely be dismissed as opinion, rhetoric, rant, and cant:

Barack Obama will get no honeymoon, no 100 days. His hands will be tied by the right-wing and by the media who buy into the claims that there's no money left. They will say in unison that Obama must govern from a point of fiscal austerity, that the deficit has only NOW become most important (and only by coincidence, now that Democrats are governing.)

But more than this, he will be attacked, smeared, slandered, and delegitimized as President of these United States, same as the Republican Party did with President Clinton. And the anger and outrage will start with the "evils" of ACORN.

Steel yourself.


Blogger deadhead said...

At the same time the Republicans are crying about ACORN, they are doing everything they can to keep Democrats from voting. Read "Block the Vote" by Robert Kennedy Jr. & Greg Palast in the most recent Rolling Stone. Here's a link

4:15 PM, October 22, 2008  
Blogger Mozam said... a staunch conservative for many years and believer in the Republican ideal, I can say the the darkee is taking the high road. Frankly, I don't care if he associated with anyone, ate walnuts, or served porage to the poor. It is time to put the brains where they belong: In the White House. Screw the press and the critiques. Let's get smart about this and turn things in the right direction. The weak and stupid will always condemn, throw stones, and cast doubt. The smart ones, no matter their color or belief will thrive to live another day. Move on!

Cheers, Mozam...movin' on.

5:49 PM, October 22, 2008  
Blogger WheelDancer said...

Thanks for posting the video. It's true the Republicans tend to scratch, bite and fight dirty any way they can but that's what they do. I find it more useful to focus on how I can make things better, parry to their thrust rather than bemoan the way things are. I do, however, still enjoy a good whine about it all, it's just not as useful.

9:17 PM, October 22, 2008  
Blogger Howard said...

As part of ones efforts to make things better and to parry thrusts by writing your newspaper and canvas your congresswoman, it seems to me to be a good idea to educate oneself about your opponents' means, methods, and motives, to steel oneself against the anger and outrage to be faced down, and then -- yes -- to parry thrusts and make things better.

Whining? The Democrats are going to be big winners in this election. I'm just trying to run up the score a bit more while the opponents recalibrate in the wilderness...

11:42 PM, October 22, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think the republicans crying 'no fair' will be the least of his concerns (if he wins; i still think there are so many closet racists out there that any pole needs to be adjusted by a few points). the real scare's solution involves riding around in a pope-mobile.

back to the adjustment of poles due to racism, do you think this is the democrats' similar 'in case we lose' strategy?

6:42 PM, October 26, 2008  

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