Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Dark Side, part II

The one and only time I voted for a Republican for ANYTHING, he got impeached for being a racist motherfucker.

The signs were there, but I didn't take them seriously. I liked his cynical populism aimed against government bureaucracy. Right after the election, I told a Republican friend of mine that I voted for the guy. She was extremely upset with me, saying, "how could you vote for a racist motherfucker?" She had voted for the Democrat rather than vote for the racist motherfucker -- perhaps the only time in her life she voted for a Democrat.

I felt ashamed that I hadn't paid more attention to the subtext and motivations behind the racist motherfucker's rhetoric.

A year later, the racist motherfucker opened his mouth one time too many and let his hatred spew forth. He was impeached shortly after. That was in the late 1980s.

I've voted solidly Democrat ever since.

Can't take a chance with the racist motherfuckers. Especially now that they're trying to blame the collapsing economy on blacks and latinos -- "those people" took out mortgages that they clearly didn't qualify for and obviously couldn't pay for because the Democrats forced the bankers to be "open-minded". It's totally because of the African-Americans and the Mexicans and the Democrats that our economy is in tatters, they say in total earnestness. [i.e. FoxNews' Neil Cavuto said it.]

Never mind that the non-discrimination laws regarding lending were passed in the 1970s. Scapegoats are needed NOW, and all those black and brown people are such convenient targets. Besides, they don't vote for us, the racist motherfuckers rationalize.

[ If you want to understand what really happened to Our Economy, read this explanation by a Google guy... ]

Resist electing racist motherfuckers at ALL cost. Change the channel on all racist motherfuckers spewing their subtle hatred on the teevee and radio. Don't tolerate your neighbor, friend, or relative trying to sell this noxious "talking point."

The one thing any college student quickly learns -- or SHOULD learn if he or she pays attention -- is that EVERYTHING is more complicated than we first believe. Most politicians, especially right-wing politicians, try and simplify as much as possible. Many in the media do too. But resist falling into simple-minded ways of thinking about the world. Especially if it leads to stereotyping, scapegoating, and group-hatred.

Everyone is on edge during this important election, sensitivities are set to maximum, and too many are playing for keeps... which is when all sense and decency goes missing.

There are good thinkers on both sides of the aisle. Be one of them. Keep thinking.


Blogger Mozam said...

You couldn't put it any better. After watching this country go to absolute shit, here and around the world, it is time. Time to kick these spineless assholes out and start a new. In my mind there is only one thinker in the bunch. Geez, they can't even get TOGETHER and come to a solution to this financial crisis let alone fight the bad guys! WTFO!?

Mozam, bleeding heart liberal Pansy ass. At least I can think!

6:17 PM, September 25, 2008  

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