Sunday, March 26, 2006

Just a Taste...

Here are the latest photo updates of the masterpiece designed by Yours Truly.

You can click on the photos to see larger versions, as usual.

The photo on top is in the walk-out basement showing plates on the floor where future walls shall reside. Windows have not yet been cut in the walls. Yeah, it's just a stupid basement, but I like the composition of lines and light in the photo.

The photo below is looking down the center of the first floor. 5"x18" glue-laminated beams (or glu-lams) span from front to back of the house -- just a first salvo in a soon-to-be-realized explosion of Arts & Crafts beauty.

I might have to be careful in revealing too much in the near future because I expect the house to be thoroughly recognizable within its neighborhood quite soon, and thus risk having my secret identity exposed. Can't have that. Expecially if I continue to reveal juicy tidbits such as my client emailing me this past week, telling me as succinctly as possible, "You are an idiot." Those four words were the entire content of the email. Of course I did not deserve such praise, and of course he backed off from such characterizations in subsequent emails throughout the week.

In fairness, the man's under all the stress in the world (I can't detail why, but trust me here) and he decided to vent at me that particular day. I do not and shall never forgive him.


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