Sunday, January 15, 2006

Make No Small Plans

This has been an exciting week for my client and me as groundbreaking took place when a large frontloader tore heck out of the earth and began to create man-made order from nature's original laid-back intent. Caissons are being drilled in this photo by two crews. Bedrock was discovered by the geotechnical engineer only a few feet below the surface which would not provide good purchase for a typical and much less expensive spread footing. The drilled pier/grade beam foundation system added over $30,000 to the cost of the house. When this house is complete, it will be a 3,600 sq. ft. contemporary Arts & Crafts masterpiece costing the client about $200/sq. ft. It'll be worth the extra cost though, as the two-acre lot is the last one in the neighborhood, and it has wondrous lake and mountain vistas. The client and I have worked on this dreamhome, most recently to get costs down, for nearly 18 months. It is time to build. I'll of course update with photos.


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